Towny und Clan Kommandos

Hier findest du alle Towny Kommandos:

  • /town
    • - zeigt dem Spieler seine Städte
    • {town} - zeigt infos über die town.
    • here - zeigt Infos über die Stadt in der du bist.
    • leave - lässt dich eine Stadt verlassen.
    • list - zeigt alle Städte.
    • online - Zeigt Spieler aus deiner Stadt die Online sind.
    • new
      • {townname} - erschafft eine neue Stadt.
    • add {resident} .. {resident} - Bürgermeister fügt GS hinzu.
    • kick {resident} .. {resident} - Bürgermeister schmeist Gs raus.
    • assistant
      • add {resident} .. {resident} - Bürgermeister Befehl um Assistenten hinzuzufügen.
      • remove {resident} .. {resident} - assistenten entfernen.
    • spawn - teleportiert dich zu deiner Stadt.
    • spawn {town} - Teleports you to another town's spawn.
    • claim - Town wird um den chunk erweitert auf dem der Bürgermeister steht.
      • outpost - Sichert einen Außenposten für die Stadt.
      • auto - erweitert die Stadt um so viele Blöcke wie möglich um dich herum, dies ist abhängig vom Guthaben der Stadt
    • unclaim - Chunk wird von der Stadt entfernt (position des Bürgermeisters).
    • withdraw {$} - nimmt {$} aus der Stadtbank.
    • deposit {$} - Fügt {$} zur Stadtbank hinzu.
    • buy
    • delete {town name} -Stadt löschen
    • outpost
    • set
      • board {message} - Sets message seen by residents upon logging in.
      • mayor {resident} - Mayor command to give mayor status to another resident.
      • homeblock - Sets the homeblock of your town.
      • spawn - Sets the town spawn, must be done inside the homeblock.
      • name {name} - Change your town's name.
      • outpost - Sets a townblock as an outpost.
      • perm
        • {on/off} - Edits the perm line on the town screen.
        • {resident/ally/outsider} {on/off}
        • {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off}
        • {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off}
        • reset - This takes the perm line seen in the /town screen and applies it to all plots owned by the town.
      • tag {upto4character} - Sets the town's tag, which is sometimes used on that chat line.
        • clear - Clears the tag set for the town.
      • taxes {$} - Sets taxes collected from each resident daily. Also sets percentage if taxpercent is toggled on.
      • plottax {$} - Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per plot that they own.
      • plotprice {$} - Sets default cost of plot for the town.
      • shopprice {$} - Sets default cost of a shopplot for the town.
      • shoptax {$} - Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per shopplot that they own.
      • embassyprice {$} - Sets default cost of a embassy plot for the town.
      • embassytax {$} - Set taxes collected from each resident daily, per embassy plot that they own.
    • toggle
      • explosion - Turn on/off explosions in town.
      • fire - Turn on/off firespread in town.
      • mobs - Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town.
      • public - Turn on/off public /town spawning and the co-ordinates of the town's homeblock in the /town screen.
      • pvp - Turn on/off pvp in town.
      • taxpercent - Turn on/off taxing by percent/flatrate.
      • open - Turn on/off public joining to your town.



Leider vorerst größtenteils auf Englisch. Wir sind aber schon am übersetzen


Clan Bündnisse und Rivalen

Jeder Clan leader kann eine Anfrage senden um sich mit einem andern Clan zu verbünden. /clan ally add (name der Clans). Wenn die Anfrage akzeptiert wird, besteht ein bündniss. Das Bündniss kann von jedem der Beiden clan leader beender werden mit: /clan ally remove, niemand muss die beendigung des Bündnisses akzeptieren.

Damit sich ein Clan dem anderen Verfeindet schreibe /clan rival add. Es wird keine Bestätigung des anderen Clans benötigt. Um eine Feindschaft zu beenden brauchst du das einverständniss des anderen clans benutze für eine Anfrage /clan rival remove wenn der Feindliche clan leader bestätigt ist die Feindschaft beendigt.

Du kannst Bündnisse mit /clan alliances , und Feindschaften mit /clan rivalries einsehen.


Friendly Fire

Spieler aus dem selben Clan können sich nicht gegenseitig töten.


Clan Types

unverified Clan = Clan mit wenigen futures wenn kein Mitglied seit 2 Tagen on war ist der Clan sofort gelöscht

verified Clan = Dieser Clan hat alle Futures wenn kein Mitglied seit 7 Tagen on was wird der Clan gelöscht

                     um einen verified clan zu bekommen sprich einen Admin an


Clan Tags


Clans haben Kürzel die man wie folgt festlegt ändert.

Festlegung eines Kürzel:

/clan create &4K&Fo&4l Knights of the Labyrinth
Änderung der Kürzel
/clan modtag &4KOL

* Staff, GBH, Tol, are clans. The hearts "<3" are group prefixes.


Clan Home-Bases

Clans can set a home-base locations for their clans with /clan home set. The clan must be verified and only the leader is able to use this command, and he is able to use it only once. Once the home base is set it cannot be changed. This is to prevent players setting home bases in the middle of battlefields, enemy camps etc. The only ones who can change it are mods with the /clan home set [tag] command.

Once home is set any member is able to /clan home at any time to teleport back to their home base. Leaders have permissions for a powerful command /clan home regroup, which will teleport all clan members to the home base. This is useful for when your home base is being raided, or when you want to coordinate an event or raid.

Before a player is teleported he must wait a pre-configured amount of seconds on the same block. This is to prevent them from running away from pvp fights. If they move before the warmup time is expired, then the teleport is canceled. Warmup timer for teleport can be configured with the clan.homebase-teleport-wait-secs config setting. If set to 0, the warmup is disabled.

Alternatively if you do not allow teleporting in your server (many survival servers don't), you can disable the "simpleclans.member.home" and "simpleclans.member.home-regroup" permissions from your players and enable the "teleport-home-on-spawn" config setting. This will turn clan homes into clan spawn points. Your server's clans will still be able to set homes, and their members will be able spawn in their clan homes.


Clan Bulletin Board

All clan activity is logged on the server's log files. The last few events (configurable) are displayed to each clan member when they log in giving them an overview of the clan's activities. This list can also be pulled up at any time with the /clan bb command. Trusted members can add messages to the bulletin board using the /clan bb [msg] command. Messages added to the bulletin board are also announced to any members that are currently online. Each individual player can toggle the display of the bb on join with /clan bb toggle.


Clan Chat

Clans will be able to talk to their teammates using the /. command. The colors and look of the clan chat are fully customizable.

The following functionality is available:

  • /. [msg] - Allows you to speak in clan chat
  • /. join - Allows you to join this chat, all messages sent will be sent only to the clan chat
  • /. leave - Leaves the chat. Your messages will now go to global chat.
  • /. off - Disables the display of clan chat messages on your screen. (except those with the "simpleclans.mod.nohide" permission)
  • /. on - Enables the display of clan chat messages on your screen.

* The lines in aqua with yellow names are clan chat (with the player's ranks to the left of their name). The lines that are all yellow name and all are examples of the all-seeing-eye permission which lets admins see all clan chat on the server.


Ally Chat

You team and its allies are able to talk to each other by using the /ally command. Any messages you send will be visible by your clan and its allies, and you will be able to see any messages sent by your allies.

The following functionality is available:

  • /ally [msg] - Allows you to speak in ally chat
  • /ally join - Allows you to join this chat, all messages sent will be sent only to the ally chat
  • /ally leave - Leaves the chat. Your messages will now go to global chat.
  • /ally off - Disables the display of ally messages on your screen. (except those with the "simpleclans.mod.nohide" permission)
  • /ally on - Enables the display of ally messages on your screen.


Clan Ranks

Leaders of clans can assign custom ranks to their clan's members. These ranks can contain one or multiple words and can even have color codes. Unlike the [Untrusted, Trusted, Leader] hierarchy there are no special permissions assigned to these ranks. They are purely costmetic and exist to aid with intra-clan organization. A leader can assign a rank using the /clan setrank [player] [rank] command.

The ranks will show next to the players names in the clan roster, they will show in the player lookup screen, and will prefix the player's names in clan chat.


Inviting Members

Creators of clans will become the first clan leader. They can invite other members into the clan with /clan invite. These members are first added with the untrusted status. These members will not be able to view clan vitals, coords, or stats. This is to prevent players form joining clans just to spy on other clans by writing down coordinates of bases or viewing vitals during battles. Once a player has gained the clan's trust he can be upgraded to trusted status with /clan trust.

You can have multiple leaders on a clan. You can promote other leaders using the /clan promote command. To promote a leader all other leaders must be online and must accept the vote. A leader cannot be promoted unilaterally without the consent of all other leaders. Demotion using the /clan demote command works the same way.

A moderator can completely ban a player form ever joining any clans with the /clan ban/unban command.

* Example of a clan invite request


Clan List

You can view all the clans on your server using the /clan list command. The clans are sorted by KDR.



With the /clan leaderboard you can compare all clan players. The leaderboard is sorted by KDR, this will tell you who to fear, or what free agent you may want to invite to your clan.


Clan Roster

The /clan roster command shows you the members of your clan. Here you can see your clan's members ranks, status, and when the last time they were seen online was.


Clan Vitals

The /clan vitals command shows you the vitals of all online members of your clan. Here you can see their health, what armor and weapons they are carrying and of what materials, and how many hearts all of their food contains. This comes in handy during battle to know who you need to help and who can bring help to you.


Clan Coordinates

The /clan coords command shows you the distance and coordinates of all online members of you clan, sorted by distance. With this you will be able to know who to call for help during a raid/battle.


Clan Stats

Your clan's stats screen, opened with the /clan stats command, shows you all of your clan members KDR, raw kills, and deaths stats. Leaders show on the top and members on the bottom. Leaders are sorted by KDR, and members are sorted by KDR. This screen tells you who are the strongest leaders, and who are the strongest members. It will also show you the current weights for the different types of kills.


Player Lookup

You can look up your own or another players info using /clan lookup command. This gives you all the data concerning the player, his KDR, his kills and deaths, what clan he belongs to, the date when he joined the clan, his status in the clan, when he was last seen, a list of all past clans hes been part of, and how many days he has been inactive for.


Clan Profile

With the /clan profile command you can view details about any clan. It shows you the clan leaders, how many members are currently online, the KDR, the sum of all kills and deaths of all members of the clan, allies, rivalries, the date founded, and how many days it has been inactive for.


Kills List

With /clan kills [player] you can see which victims this player has killed the most and the counts. You can use /clan kills to see your own victim list. Note: Huge numbers of kills to the same victim point to two people willingly cheating kdr.

* The screenshot does not show any cheaters, cheaters will have huge numbers


Most Killed

With the /clan mostkilled command (by default only available to mods) will show you the most killed players by a single attacker in the whole server, basically a list of possible kdr cheaters, starting with most obvious at the top.

* The screenshot does not show any cheaters, cheaters will have huge numbers


If you are using PreciousStones protection then your clans will be able to get into wars. A clan can enter into a war with a rival by sending a war request with /clan war. Once the rival accepts, all fields belonging to all members of on clan, and all fields that have that clan in their allowed list will have no effect on the opposing clan. Both clans will be free to raid the others strongholds with all protection disabled. This will last until one of the clans requests to end the war and the other accepts.

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